Student Council meetings

Student Council Vibes, Successes and Actions - 18th January 2023

We had a noisy New Year welcome back; lots of energy and excitement.

A representative from each class made it this morning and shared something they were interested in.

We agreed we want to do something for Children’s Mental Health week. Our task for next week is to find out in our classes what we want to do for it and bring it to next week’s meeting.

Student Council Vibes, Success and Actions - 25th January 2023

We did fantastic listening to each other in our meeting today.

Everyone had an opportunity to share what their class would like to do in Children’s Mental Health week; there were some lovely ideas, including baking cookies and writing names of pupils from other classes to spread happiness.

Classes will have an opportunity over the next week to choose two of their favourite ideas and a representative from each class be able to vote in our next meeting.

In line with Children’s Mental Health week’s theme of connectedness, the school will provide opportunity for classes from different cohorts to be together for the activities.